Jamb Caps 2022 – How To Login And Accept Admission

January 7, 2022 by Olamilekan

The JAMB board has instituted a new admissions processing system known as JAMB caps.

It is important that you are aware of CAPS in order to ensure that your admittance is validated and risk-free.

Every admitted candidate has the option of accepting or declining admission on CAPS.

On the Jamb Caps portal, you can do this. Let’s take a closer look at what CAPS is.

What is jamb caps

CAPS stands for central admission processing system. This however, only has to do with JAMB as there are other abbreviations for it.

Since we’re not talking about abbreviations, let’s focus on the importance and reasons for implementing this system.

Why was CAPS implemented

CAPS was implemented for several reasons. The first is to automate admissions.

Let me demonstrate how admissions were handled prior to the implementation of CAPS in order for you to gain a better understanding.

Firstly, you will be given the option of picking four (4) institutions throughout your jamb registration.

Your information will be forwarded to the school you’ve chosen after you’ve completed your jamb registration.

Immediately your UTME result is out, your institution will also be notified of your score.

If you perform well after the release of your school’s post-UTME or post JAMB results, you will be admitted to the school.

Once your school’s admission list is released, they must return it to Jamb for uploading. You can see how tense it is.

Secondly, CAPS aims to ensure that no student gets admitted without already selecting the school.

Despite this, do you know that some higher institutions make the error of admitting students who have lost interest in studying there?.

Once the UTME result is released and students sees their score they might prefer to choose another school they think it’s better than the one they currently choose.

This is one of the reasons why most students change their course.

Meanwhile, their previous institution’s database contains their information. As a result, some pupils are accepted while others are not.

With the establishment of the CAPS portal, any student who has been offered admission and wishes to switch institutions must first terminate the first one.

I hope you can see one of the great importance of the CAPS.

Let’s discuss what can be done on the Jamb Caps portal for you to know more about the usefulness.

Actions you can perform on the caps portal

Since the primary aim of CAPS is to regulate admission, therefore, the action I will place first is accepting admission.

How to recover lost jamb slip

The CAPS portal allows students to see if they are admitted or not by showing to them their current admission status.

In addition, I will say the JAMB CAPS gives student the chance of making fast decision.

For example, if you applied to the University of Lagos and later discovered that you were not admitted based on your CAPS status, you can simply change to another institution whose post-UTME form has not yet been released.

Nevertheless, it is important to accept or terminate admission given to you.

I will prefer you accept the admission given to you since you are pleased with it.

Note that you can only accept to study in one institution even though you’re admitted in two or more institution.

Just accept the one you like among them.

How to access jamb Caps Login Portal

Before you can proceed to accepting or declining of admission given to you, your first step must be to login to the Jamb Caps portal.

You can login with your mobile device (android or iPhone) likewise with your PC (desktop or laptop).

All you are required to have is a web browser such as chrome, brave or Firefox.

I will be encouraging you to make use of chrome browser due to it great user experience, compatibility and lot more.

Google has enabled a portal for downloading of chrome all you have to do is visit the link with the device you wish to install it on.

Download google chrome browser here.

Immediately you get to the page your device will be automatically detected. It will therefore show you a download button link compatible with your device.

After successfully downloaded, install and launch the application.

If you however face any difficulty in installing chrome you can use the below link to download alternative browser.

Mozilla Firefox browser download guide

In most cases, your device should come with a default browser. Open the browser and follow the steps below.

How To Login To JAMB Caps Using Phone Or PC

The steps in logging into the jamb caps portal is the same. Just make sure you follow the guide properly.

For those using phone kindly set your phone browser to desktop mode.

visit https://jamb.gov.ng/EfacilityLogin

Once the page has finish loading all it content, two fields will be displayed.

The first one is for your email address while the second is for your password.

Patiently add both correctly and click on the login button.

After successful validation of the credentials you supplied, you will directed to your dashboard.

On your dashboard you will find some coloumn in grid format as seen in the image below.

jamb profile portal

Click on Check Admission Status.

You will be taken to a page where you will select your examination year and input your jamb registration number.

Access my caps page

Fill the field and tap on Access my CAPS.

You will be taken to another dashboard entirely.

On the dashboard, you will see a list of items on the navbar such as marketplace, my profile, my choices, etc.

How to check, accept and decline jamb admission

If you’ve been following the post from the beginning am sure you will have been waiting for this guide.

To accept your admission click on admission status from your dashboard.

central admission processing dashboard

You will see your current admission status incase you’ve been offered admission the accept / reject button will be made active.

Choose either to accept or reject the ball is in your court.

Jamb Caps admission status Message Meaning

In the process of checking your jamb admission status you might come across some message which might seems confusing to you.

Let us take a look at it one after the other.

CAPS displays only welcome message

immediately you’re logged in to the jamb caps portal, you will receive a welcome message from jamb as toast notification in green color.

If this is the only message you saw without any other content shown on your dashboard then you have to switch your device as your current screen resolution is not fit for the display.

This happen mostly to those who make use of mobile phones in accessing their account. Kindly switch to a laptop or desktop computer for better display.

My CAPS displayed Not Admitted: if you see this on your admission status do not panic.

This is what most candidate see once the institution they selected is yet to begin their admission processing.

So take out the fear in you and hope for the best.

If you however find out your institution has finalize the release of their admission list and all you see is not admitted check other schools who post UTME form is not out and apply.

Other admission status meaning on caps

You’ve been recommended for admission: incase you see this on your CAPS portal just believe the fact that your institution has recommended you for admission.

However, your admission is currently undergoing verification i.e to ensure you submitted all the necessary details to be in an higher institution e.g O’level result, Jamb score, etc.

If you are yet to upload your O’level result please do.

Admission in progress: This shows that JAMB has received your institution merit list and are currently verifying it.

Finally, if you see a message like congratulations you have been offered admission for a 4 – year …..

You’ve been successfully granted admission.

What you should do next is to confirm it from your school portal. Nevertheless, do not forget to send me a chill maltina for the celebration.

Other activity you can perform On jamb caps portal

View your O’level result: you can check your upload ordinary level result on your jamb caps portal.

Not only that you can also upload it there

You can check your selected institution and course also on the jamb caps portal.

Lastly jamb market place. The market place enables student to see institution considering them for admission.

This are institution you didn’t choose but are considering you for admission.

Frequently asked questions about caps

My O’level result is not showing on my jamb caps: in a situation whereby your you didn’t find your result on the jamb caps portal you need to go for re-uploading of result at any CBT center.

How will I know if my institution wants to change my course: on your caps dashboard navigate to program / course transfer consideration. You will see if your institution is willing to provide you another course.

In conclusion, if you have any question bothering on the above topic share it with us. Don’t forget a problem shared if not solved it is half solved.

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