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July 6, 2021 by Olamilekan

The jamb logo serves as a means of identification for the services rendered by the joint admission and matriculation board.

This logo, on the other hand, was made just for people that provide appropriate jamb services.

There have been numerous instances of misuse of the logo that have resulted in arrests.

The Jamb registrar has issued a warning about the usage of the logo, which should be followed in order to avoid penalties.

Those who have been given approval to use the logo are:

If you’re not one of the people named above, you can still use the logo as long as you use it correctly.

Continue reading to see other set of people who can make use of the logo.

JAMB logo PNG Download [Transparent]

The transparent type of logo is one of the types of logo that people frequently inquire about.

The transparent logo has no background color, allowing editors to embed it in whatever they want.

If you’re here for that, click the download link below.

Jamb Image with background download

The majority of graphic designers prefer logos that do not have a background. What about the people who aren’t?

Use the link below to download image with white background.

Note: all logos available for downloads are in PNG format, hence you will need to convert it to your desired format.

You might be interested in reading: Steps to convert image into any format.

Only use the Jamb logo for legal purposes, such as:

Jamb Tutorial (online/offline)

If you run a Jamb tutorial center, whether for free or for a fee, and want passers-by to be aware of the service you provide, you can build a banner for it that includes Jamb logo for easy identification.

Blog post based on Jamb news or guide

Using the jamb logo in an article regarding jamb, such as jamb profile code difficulties and solutions, can help your readers understand what your content is about.

Other Jamb services such as original result printing, sales of jamb form.

You can misuse the logo by utilizing it to defraud candidates (for example, jamb result upgrade, jamb runz, and so on).

If you’re downloading the logo for a fraudulent purpose, please stop since you’ll face severe consequences if you’re caught.

Finally, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family members, graphic designers, web developers, and anybody else who could need the logo.

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