Jamb Matriculation List – How To Check Your Name

January 7, 2022 by Olamilekan

The jamb matriculation list comprise the names of students who are qualified for the National Youth Service Crop (NYSC) Mobilization.

This list is held by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board’s governing body.

However, student have the opportunity of viewing their names on the Jamb Matriculation portal.

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It’s quite painful many undergraduates don’t care about checking their names on the jamb matriculation list due to ignorance.

Only students whose names appear on the matriculation list will be permitted to register for NYSC mobilization.

How To Check Jamb Matriculation List

To see your name on the Matriculation list, you’ll need your JAMB registration number. Check your jamb profile if you don’t recall.

Jamb Matriculation list portal

Note that if your institution is yet to accept you, your name will not appear on the list.

What to do if your name is not on JAMB Matriculation list

If your name isn’t on the matriculation list and you’ve been admitted, don’t be surprised.

The reason for this is because you lack the requisite documentation to be included on the list.

Below are what you need to be on the list.

Jamb admission letter: you must have your jamb admission letter printed out.

Original JAMB result slip: Your JAMB result slip is one of the necessary documents needed to be on the list.

Your name will not appear on the list unless you include your result slip.

Finally, go to your institution’s admission office and submit the two documents mentioned above for approval to the admission officer.

Guides On jamb matriculation list

Only student who been offered admission by his/her institution and jamb can be approved to be on the list.

However, cases arise where the course or program given by both bodies might not be the same.

If you are currently experiencing this, bear it in mind that the course offered to you by your institution is your main course of study.

Therefore, endeavour to change it on jamb to the current course you’re studying in school through regularization of admission.

Nobody can add your name to the matriculation list except you’ve fully comply to the instructions given by the board governing it.

Issues related to jamb matriculation list should only be lodged directly to the state jamb office, that is the state you’re currently studying at.

They are the one’s responsible for uploading of admission info of admitted candidates.

Do not pay into anyone’s account for uploading your name on jamb matriculation list.

Only payment for printing of result or admission letter should be made and that’s if you’re yet to print your it out.

Remember that you can also make payment for printing of your jamb result without any need for consultancy.

Finally, check our FAQ sections to see if we provided answers to the questions you might be willing to ask.

Frequently asked questions

I was admitted, but my name did not appear on the list?

If you were recently admitted, please wait a month or two for your institution to submit your name to JAMB.

While you’re waiting, ensure to get the required documents ready.

Is JAMB Matriculation list for all undergraduates?

All undergraduates must check their names on the list. On the other hand, checking earlier is better, so as to know what next to do.

How do I know if I am eligible for NYSC?

Checking if your name is on the matriculation list is one way to see if you’re eligible for the NYSC program.

Why is my name not on JAMB matriculation list?

In addition, another reason why your name may not appear on the list is if the course offered by jamb and your institution are incompatible.

Therefore, what you should do is to regularize your jamb admission.

In conclusion, always visit the nearest jamb office for any issue face regarding your JAMB.

You can as well join our Jamb WhatsApp group for more guide.

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