Jamb Profile Code Issues & Solutions For 2022 UTME

June 28, 2022 by Olamilekan

Before a successful JAMB registration can be done, there is a need for the provision of the jamb profile code.

All candidates sitting for this year’s UTME are given a unique profile code which will be used for purchasing the enrollment form.

Most students, however, find it difficult to generate this code.

If you’re among those experiencing issues while creating your jamb profile or you haven’t read our step-by-step guide on jamb profile creation.

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Let’s discuss questions you might likely ask.

What is jamb profile code

Profile code is a string returned from JAMB (55019) which is used for completion of JAMB profile creation.

However, before you could expect a response from JAMB ensure you have successful created a non verified account with profile code request on Jamb portal.

In a nutshell without the profile code supplied it is impossible to get your jamb account verified.

How Can I get My Jamb Profile Code For 2022 Registration

Getting your jamb profile code is simple.

If you didn’t skip any part of this post starting from the beginning am sure you should have gotten a solution.

In case you haven’t created yet scroll up and read the guide we provided.

For the sake of those who lost or can’t remember their own, all you have to do is.

Recharge a minimum of 100 naira airtime on your sim card.

Send RESEND to 55019 and your profile code will be resent back to your line.

You can also check your mail for the profile code. Incase you don’t find it in your box check your spam folder.

Why Am I Not Getting My Profile Code From Jamb

The reason we believed to have caused this is you not having sufficient airtime on the line you used in sending the SMS.

Try as much as possible to recharge your line before making your next attempt.

Also, your number could be in DND mode (do not disturb) thereby stopping messages from entering your sim.

Ensure to remove it before retrying.

Which Network Is The Best For Generating UTME Registration Code

Either MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, or 9MOBILE can be used for creating your profile in as much you can receive SMS with it.

In a situation where you don’t have the sim card with you do not use it.

How Long Does It Takes To Generate Profile Code From Jamb

One of the things that could cause hindrance in profile code creation is network.

If you have a good network you should receive your profile code in at least 2 minutes’ time.

Can I create another jamb Account

You can create more than one jamb profile code.

However, there are some things not possible while trying to create two or more accounts.

  • You can’t use one email address for two or more accounts.
  • Usage of multiple phone numbers is not allowed.

Did you lost your newly created account password and you think creating another account is best? Why stress yourself when you can reset your jamb password

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When is jamb profile code closing (ending date)

The receiving of profile code ends immediately the joint admission and matriculation board stops the registration for the current year UTME.

If you’re yet to get your jamb registration fully done before the deadline, avoid stressing yourself about it.

Is it possible to get profile code on any sim card

Only the number used for your NIN registration can be used to get the UTME registration code.

If you’re asking this question because you misplaced your SIM it’s adviceable to retrieve it.

The name on my profile is incorrect

Immediately you send your NIN code to the joint admission and matriculation board for registration, they will extract the informations they need (name, date of birth, etc).

Therefore, if you experience incorrect or misspelled names during registration note that it’s from the details you provide on your NIN.

Endeavor to change it from any nearby NIMC office before proceeding with your jamb registration.

In conclusion, if you’re finding it difficult to resolve issue related to profile code creation kindly visit nearby CBT center for rectification.

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