Jamb Registration 2021/2022 Form – Guidelines

May 26, 2021 by Olamilekan

If you’ve come to find out if 2021 Jamb registration has begun, you’re in the right place. I’ll tell you what you need to know about applying for the Jamb form in 2021.

Unlike previous Jamb registration procedure this year own is going to be different.

How ?. A new system has been adopted by the joint admission and matriculation board.

The former registration is similar to this only few changes were introduced.

Obviously, it wont be stressful. No one wants to have to wait a long time to register, and as previously mentioned, a new system would help to alleviate the burden of jamb registration in 2021/2022.

Without a doubt, 2021 JAMB Registration = No Stress

Is 2021 JAMB Form Out

I’m sure this is one of the questions that has kept you on this page. 

To sum up the long story, I am ecstatic to inform you that the 2021 jamb form is now available.

Is jamb registration form out

Let’s take a look at how much the 2021 jamb form would cost.

How much is 2021 JAMB form

Below is the current price at which you can get the 2021 jamb form.

DescriptionPrice ()
Form Fee3,500
Handbook | Novel500
Other charge (CBT)700
JAMB form price breakdown

The above amount doesn’t determine the total amount you will spend during the enrollment.

However, that’s the amount minimum price you should budget for 2021 jamb registration. Above all, that’s the price set by Jamb.

2021 Jamb Registration Process

Steps to follow for successful registration.

Obtain a valid email address: If you already have the form money, the first step toward 2021 jamb registration is to create an email account.

The email you created will enable you get vital information from jamb pertaining to your registration.

Meanwhile, All payments made on your jamb account will be sent to your via the email.

For password retrieval and further actions on your account such as

  • Jamb regularization
  • Admission letter printing
  • Direct Entry, etc

If you already have an email address, you can skip this stage and proceed to the next.

If you don’t have any visit the link below to see how you can create a Gmail account.

When signing up for Gmail, please be cautious. Make sure the Gmail address you enter or choose is easy to recall. 

For example, you can use the following format.

  • surname@gmail.com
  • surnamedateofbirth@gmail.com
  • nickname@gmail.com
  • firstnamelastname@gmail.com

Use your personal details during the registration process. In addition, do not open an email account or register for jamb using a friend’s sim card. Incase you have no access to a mobile device, your parent’s phone number should suffice.

avoid usage of wrong info

Get your NIN prepared: firstly what’s NIN ?. It’s an abbreviated word for National Identifcation Number. It is powered by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

What is NIN used for

Here is a tweet from NIMC that gives simple response to the above question.

Reason for NIN

Is NIN compulsory for 2021 Jamb? Yes it is. The use of NIN is newly introduced by the board in 2021.

This method appears to be overwhelming for many candidates. If you believe the same way, you haven’t tried enrolling for it yet.

As a result of large increase in students at the NIMC center, the joint admission and matriculation board had to stop the usage of the national identity number (NIN) during the 2020 UTME registration.

They’ve put in place all their possible best to make sure you can get your NIN at ease.

Recommended:  NIN Enrollment Center

To enroll follow the link above to know the nearest NIMC centre close to your house. Visit the nearby centre for further assistance on the registration.

Create your jamb profile: this is the initial stage towards 2021 jamb registration. However, the above listed details should be made ready before planning to create your profile because they will be requested on the enrollment form.

How to create jamb profile without stress

It should be noted that if your jamb profile isn’t completed correctly, you won’t be qualified for the 2021 Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination (UTME).

In other words, you must have fully create account on the JAMB portal.

Check out the Jamb iBass: The jamb iBass is a website that allows you to check your admission eligibility and O’level subject combinations.

For instance you want to study computer science but you’re in doubt if your result is okay. All you need is to visit the Jamb iBass portal.

How To Buy Jamb Epin For 2021 Registration

You’re about to purchase the 2021 jamb form at this stage. The Epin you bought is what you’ll need to finish your registration.

The payment for Jamb Epin should only be made to authorize body. That is to say, no payment should be made to anyone in the name of Jamb official.

Always use your correct profile code whenever it’s requested.

You can pay through a bank branch, Quickteller or Remita. The following are the steps to take to accomplish this.

Jamb Epin Payment Via Quickteller

Quicker accepts two types of payments for 2021 Jamb form purchase (web pay and USSD). Both are, however, available on their website. Let’s get started on the purchasing process.

  • To begin, go to the 2021 jamb Epin vending page by clicking on the link below.
  • JAMB pin vending
  • When the page’s resources have completely loaded, you’ll see an input field where you can type your phone number or email address, as well as your jamb profile code.
  • You wil be charged 4,000 naira.
  • After you’ve filled this out, press Continue to proceed.
  • The jamb profile supplied will be validated by Quickteller.
  • You can now make your payment to get the Jamb Epin.

Jamb Epin Vending Through Remita

Remita is also a payment gateway authorized for vending of 2021 jamb registration pin.

An RRR code (Remita Retrieval Reference) will be generated for you. This code will be used to track your transaction status.

You can make payment with your atm debit card on Remita.

  • Firstly, visit the Remita jamb Epin vending page
  • Secondly, select SALE OF JAMB/UTME REGISTRATION FORMS as name of service/purpose.
  • Input your Jamb profile/confirmation code
  • Input the phone number used during your Jamb profile creation.
  • Fill in the other details such as Payer’s name, Payer phone, Payer email, and confirm email.
  • Check the Google reCAPTCHA box and Click submit button.
  • You will see different mode of payment once you submit it.
  • You can pay via bank or your atm card.
  • If you’re going to use an ATM card, make sure it’s set up for web payments.
  • Your pin will be sent to your phone number and printed on your payment receipt.

How To Generate Jamb Epin Via USSD

This is one of the quickest methods for obtaining your jamb registration badge. Everything you have to do now is.

  • First of all open your ussd dial pad
  • After that, dial *565*6*55019#
  • A dialogue box will popup with the below message
  • Welcome to JAMB
  • Enter Profile Code
  • Reply with your profile code and select the bank branch you wish to pay at.
  • Proceed to payment and your 2021 Jamb registration pin will be sent to you.

How To Retrieve Lost ePin After Payment

At this time, if you already paid for the Jamb ePin successfully and you’re yet to get yours kindly pick up your phone, text [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to 55019.

Send either UTMEPIN or DEPIN. Use DEPIN if you’re registering for direct entry likewise send UTME pin if you’re participating in the UTME examination.

You will get your Epin sent to your mobile number before the end of the day.

Jamb Registration 2021/2022 Final Process

This is the last step in the jamb 2021 form application process. You will no longer be in charge of this procedure because only approved CBT centers are qualified to do it.

To complete it, you’ll need to go to a nearby certified cbt center. You will however, be charged a fee of 700naira for th completion, as mentioned in the table above.

Therefore, ensure you have the money at hand.

The image of your face will be taken and uploaded. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately when going for the JAMB registration 2021 in particular.

Bio metrics capturing will also takes place there. There are times your hand might not be scanned for some reasons.

Here’s a word of caution: don’t let anybody else support you with your biometrics; they’re crucial.In other words, before you may sit for the unified tertiary and matriculation examination (UTME), you must have your thumbprint taken.

You will have no chance of writing the exam as a result of allowing someone else to assist you with the bio metrics. 

Please contact the Jamb office in your state if you are facing any difficulty about biometrics.

Other Things To Be Done At The CBT Center

You will receive a CD containing the courses offered by your university, topic combinations, registration guides, syllabuses, brochures, and other details.

This CD is a system software, that is to say it should be inserted into a PC (personal computer). The Jamb novel to read will also be given to you at the cbt center for 2021 jamb.

There will be a place where you can upload your O’level scores. If your result is currently unavailable or has not yet been published, you can select AR (awaiting result). 

Please upload your result as soon as it becomes available on the JAMB caps portal.

Selection of your course of study and institution will be carried out. Ensure to check if your preferred institution is accredited for the course you choose.

Apart from this, the location (town) where your exam will be held will also be chosen by you.

2021 JAMB Mock Examination [Not compulsory]

A mock examination will be set by the board to keep those who registered for the 2021 Jamb Form prepared. This exam will enables Jamb candidate to have knowledge on:

  • How to answer UTME questions.
  • Managing time given during examination.
  • Getting familiarize with likely questions.
  • Enchancing candidate skill about usage of computers to answer questions.

Besides, not only that but also enables candidate to have a mini view on how the exam day will be.

Nevertheless, the 2021 Jamb mock examination is not compulsory for all candidates. Also know that the mock result is not the same as your UTME result.

If you performed well in the mock examination don’t relent, after that keep reading ahead of the main examination.

2021 Jamb Registration For Foreign Students

Candidates from Cameroon, London (U.K), Johannesburg (South Africa), Cotonu (Benin Republic), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Accra (Ghana), Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) are eligible to participate in the 2021 Jamb registration.

The registration fee for candidates in the above listed countries is $20 or similar to it convertsion in their local currency.

Foreign Students Registration Guide

  • Firstly create a jamb profile via the eFacility Portal.
  • After that, proceed by logging into the portal.
  • On the dashboard, navigate to 2021 Foreign UTME/DE registration.
  • Follow the guide on the page to acquire successful registration.

In addition, if there is any information you are yet to prepare before writing UTME kindly make sure you get them.

Above all, more information regarding the UTME registration will be given to you at the CBT center.

In conclusion, there are some mistakes you might make that cannot be corrected anymore. So therefore, pay full attention, relax and recheck your details before submission.

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