JAMB Result 2022 – How to Check Your UTME Score

June 28, 2022 by Olamilekan

We’ve been getting requests like how can I check my 2022 jamb result since the united tertiary and matriculation examination (UTME) began.

There has been a lot of speculation about the results of the 2022 UTME. We will clear your doubt about it.

We understand that everyone’s aim after taking an exam is to find out how well they did.

That is why we have worked so hard to put together this information.

Keep in mind that you must have access to a mobile phone or a computer in order to check your Jamb result 2022.

Is jamb result 2022 Out

To those who took the recently finished unified tertiary and matriculation examination know as UTME, we are glad to bring to your notice that the 2022 Jamb result is out.

We advise all candidates to begin checking their results as soon as possible in order to determine their chances of admission.

Let’s get started on checking your Jamb result 2022 without wasting too much of your time.

How To Check Jamb Result 2022 On Phone And PC [Online]

There are different ways you can use in checking your results. We’ll show you how to check it in every way possible.

Ways of checking your UTME result.

How To Check Jamb Result With Registration Number & Email

Like I listed earlier that you can use the official JAMB result checker link to access your result. All you need is just your jamb registration number or email address.

  • Click the jamb result checker link to begin.
  • You will see a text field requesting you to input your jamb registration number or email.
  • Lastly, click on the Check My Results button.
  • Your UTME result will be shown to you once the page finishes loading.

If you don’t have a mobile data, the next step will be beneficial to you.

How To Check Your JAMB Result Through SMS

For individuals who are unable to check their UTME score online, the joint admission and matriculation board has introduced an offline option (SMS).

However, the procedure necessitates the use of some airtime or a recharge card on your phone.

The phone number provided during registration must be used to send the message.

How much airtime do I need on my phone before I can check my results by SMS?

Make sure you have at least 50naira airtime on your phone.

How To Check MTN Airtime Balance

  • Open your SMS app if you don’t have any download one.
  • Send UTMERESULT to 55019.
  • You will receive a message back from 55019 stating your result score/status.

If you send a message using the wrong phone number, you will receive a notification stating that the number is not related to any jamb candidate profile.

If you’ve been sending messages but haven’t received a response, check out our FAQ area for possible causes and solutions.

How To Check UTME Result On JAMB eFacility Portal

On the Jamb eFacility Portal, the only way to check your UTME result is to print out your original result.

This requires some amount of money and you must also know your jamb username and password. I won’t say more than this.

Read: how to print your original jamb result to know your score.

How Many Times Can I Check My UTME Result

Unlike your O’level result, there is no restriction to how many times you can check your Jamb score.

You, however, need to have mobile data if you are viewing it from the jamb portal likewise having enough airtime for the SMS method.

How Many Times Can I Use UTME Result

This has been a source of considerable consternation among mostly new jambites.

Some people have stayed at home for years because they were given misleading information concerning the validity of their JAMB results.

The UTME (Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination) has a one-year validity period.

Ignore any statements that your UTME result is valid for three years.

The joint admission and matriculation board may consider extending the validity in the future.

Although I doubt this but anything can happen. If it is extended then certainly we will get you notified.

I Failed Jamb What Should I Do

Let me, first of all, make a correction here. Most people believe they failed Jamb which I do not believe to be true.

Some even use the phrase “JAMB Jam Me” to describe their situation.

Jamb does not use a grading system like WAEC or NECO hence you either score below average or above.

Make sure you scored below all institution cutoff marks before concluding you failed jamb.

If you scored below the cutoff for your selected university but above the cutoff for several universities or polytechnics, instead of wasting this year at home, consider changing your institution or course.

That is my piece of advice to you. Let’s go over some of the most common jambites’ issues about the jamb result 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2022 UTME Result

In this area, we’ve chosen a few questions to respond to. There is a tendency not to respond to questions you wish to ask.

Don’t hesitate to submit it as comment below or join our interactive jamb WhatsApp group.

Why Was My JAMB Result Withheld

If you are detected engaging in examination misconduct or other fraudulent behavior, your 2022 jamb result may be seized or withheld.

Have once sighted this warning to candidates to stay away off malpractice.

Since your results were withheld, there’s the possibility of it being released. You can keep checking to know when it will be released.

While you’re waiting for it to be released, go to your state’s JAMB office for assistance.

My JAMB result was cancelled – what’s the way out

If you engage in any illegal conduct at your Jamb examination center, one of the statuses you should expect on your Jamb result is canceled.

If your result was canceled, I apologize; there is no way to get it back except to wait another year and try not to repeat the same mistake.

I checked my jamb result 2022 through SMS and i didn’t get response

You might not get response from 55019 after sending the shortcode message to them for your result.

If you have tried sending the SMS more than three times and you ain’t getting a reply kindly stop it to avoid unnecessary deduction of your airtime.

Use the Jamb result checker portal login process to access your result.

Finally, we would have loved to assist you in checking your jamb result 2022, but we won’t because your jamb result is one of those documents you should keep private and only share with those who need to know.

Because your comment will be visible to everyone, please not disclose any confidential information or reveal your jamb registration number in the comment section.

If you have issues you wish to discuss with us contact us.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Let them know jamb result 2022 is out. Thanks.

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