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June 3, 2021 by Olamilekan

The development of the new NECO payment system has made it easier to pay for all services rendered by the NECO governing body.

If you were referred here from our previous post on NECO registration for internal and external candidates, keep note of the payment steps that will be explain below.

Only follow the procedures that correspond to the type of exam you’re taking.

In a nutshell, paying for NECO external registration rather than NECO internal registration will not result in a refund.

Let’s have a look at the services available through the NECO payment portal.

NECO Payment list For Available Service

NECO payment has been divided into categories based on the types of exams that have been conducted.

The services that can be paid for are listed below, along with the category where they may be found.

SSCE INT: the SSCE INT is a shorten form of the senior secondary school certificate examination (internal).

Finding this on the NECO payment portal shouldn’t be new to you by now.

in addition to what have said, NECO for internal candidate is meant for school candidates.

Let’s take a look at the service and price under the SSCE INT.

ItemsPrice (₦)Code
Remarking SSCE (I)7,5008412
Exam bag10,0008402
Four figure table2008404
Correction of name2,5008304

Am pretty sure you’re looking for the NECO registration fee among the items above.

It has it own payment process which will be fully explained in another article.

SSCE EXT: without telling you this I know you already have an idea of what it means.

For the sake of those who skipped the afore-listed one it is for private candidate (external).

The services under it are as follow.

ItemsPrice (₦)Code
Four figure table20084041
Correction of name2,50083041
Collection of certificate1008403
Remarking of SSCE Exam7,50084121
Result Slips1,0008415

As you can see, some of the items in the two tables correspond. This is because of the similarities between the exams.

Note: all the prices are fixed therefore no negotiation can be done on it. Let’s further more on the next category.

NECO service payment categories [continuation]

BECE: the Basic Education Certificate Examination otherwise know J.S.S 3 exam.

WAEC is known for regulating the junior Waec while NECO is for BECE.

Don’t mix them up. They are the same with governing council differentiating them.

The below table shows the list of service under it.

ItemPrice (₦)Code
Remarking BECE5,0008419
Correction of name2,50083042

Lastly lets talk about the final group of exam classified service.

NCEE: National Common Entrance Examination, is an exam conducted for primary school students intending to migrate to the junior secondary school.

Only one item is categorized under this exam.

ItemPrice (₦)Code
Correction of name2,50083043

Other Items you can pay for

Aside the above listed items, there are other types of payment you can still make.

However, this payment are not tagged under any examination.

ItemPrice (₦)Code
Staff Identity Card5008435
Return of data8434
Payment of dead scripts8432
Payment for consultancy services8431
Correction of school name10,0008430
Tender fees12020620
BECE Re-accreditation35,0008426
Registration of contractors12020417
Sale of government assets12020620
Certificate (Nov/Dec SSCE)1008428
BECE accreditation50,0008425
Reprint of certificate10,0008422
Confirmation of result5,0008427
Reprint of school result2008433
SSCE accreditation70,0008423
SSCE re-accreditation50,0008424

That’s currently all items you can make payment for. But guess what ?.

Despite everything listed above none of the item for NECO registration form was included.

This is because the steps involved in payment for the registration form is quite different.

Read: How to pay for NECO registration form easily

Warning: the National Examination Council’s official mobile application is not available on the Google Play Store.

Therefore, to prevent a keylogger attack on your account, ignore any app you see.

How to pay for NECO items

This is where I’ll be putting down my pen. It’s easy to pay for the above-mentioned items.

All you have to do is visit the Neco payment app.

Access the payment portal now to start.

Neco payment items and code

After you’ve accessed the website, you’ll see a list of categories in a button that’s displayed inline.

Since you already know what you’re going to pay for, choose it and click Make Payment.

You’ll be directed to the payment page. To complete your payment, carefully follow the steps given.

Finally, learnersguider is eager to assist you with the problem you’re having with this topic.

Please leave it in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this article with friends.

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