NECO Registration 2022 Form – [Price, Date & Steps]

June 28, 2022 by Olamilekan

NECO is one of Nigeria’s most important exam bodies. The steps to enroll for the 2022 NECO registration form will be detailed below.

Most students are worried about taking the exam, and some even consider that taking the exam is a waste of time.

The fact that you cannot be admitted to any Nigerian postsecondary institution without your O’level results remains unchanged.

I’m going to break this content down into sections to make it easier to understand.

What is NECO

NECO stands for National Examination Council, as the name implies. The board is well-known for conducting the Senior school certificate examination (SSCE).

In the year 2000, the exam was held for the first time.

Keep in mind that NECO is widely approved by all Nigerian educational institutions.

Let’s have a look at one of the questions that I’m sure drew you to this page.

When is NECO Registration For 2022 Starting And Closing

I know one of the questions you’ve been itching and shy to ask me is if the 2022 NECO registration form is available.

I’m sure you’ll be able to tell if it’s out or not based on the answer below.

The date for the 2022 NECO registration form has been slated to start on March 30, 2022, and stop on June 21, 2022.

Students who plan to take the NECO exam in 2022 are encouraged to begin their registration as soon as possible.

Is NECO Registration Still On Sale

We have provided the above-mentioned date, which was determined by the examination board.

Check the date you’re viewing this page to know if the registration date has elapse.

To see if the registration deadline has passed, look at the date you’re visiting this page.

If the registration is still active, run to a nearby approved school (look right and left for vehicles ooo) and hand over a pounded yam (money) for the 2022 NECO registration to the principle in charge.

How Much Is NECO Registration Form

Another question that should come to mind is how much the 2022 NECO registration form will cost.

The 2022 NECO registration form cost a sum of eleven thousand three hundred and fifty naira only (11,350).

It’s important to note that the above fee applies to both internal and external candidates.

As I usually say, the aforementioned amount may not be sufficient for you to finish your NECO registration 2022.

Make every effort to have extra cash on hand in case it becomes necessary.

Where Can I Pay For NECO Form

If you’re a candidate applying for the internal NECO examination don’t worry about finding a payment method.

To take the exam, all you should do is register with an authorized or accredited school.

Regardless of the type of NECO you’re taking part in, enrolling through an approved school is second to none.

This will keep you from having a stressful day(s) during registration. Not only that, but your transaction will be safe.

Unlike going to an unlicensed dealer for registration, where they will drink Malta Guinness with your money.

Types Of NECO Form

Don’t be amazed if NECO form has types similar to WAEC form (SC & PC).

There seem to be four types of NECO Forms:

  • SSCE Internal [Senior Secondary School Certificate For Internal Students].
  • SSCE External [Senior Secondary School Certificate For Private Students].
  • BECE [Basic Education Certificate Examination].
  • NCEE [National common entrance examination].

The four types stated have nothing to do with either you attended a private or public school.

NECO is generally for all students willing to obtain their O’level certificate through it.

The contrast between the first two is that one is intended for school candidates (internal) and the other is made for private candidates (those not in the school system) (external).

Meanwhile, the BECE is meant for those in their last basic class popularly known to be JSS3.

Lastly, those who are willing to move into the junior secondary school are meant to sit for the NCEE.

How Many Subject Can Be Registered During NECO Registration

The exam council allows candidates to select the number of subjects for which they wish to register.

However, individuals can only enrol for a minimum of eight (8) to nine (9) subjects at a time.

NECO Requirements for 2022 registration form

Certain information will be required of you in order for you to get a valid 2022 NECO registration.

This information should have been made available prior to the start of NECO registration in 2022.

Here are what you need.

A phone number: You must provide a current mobile phone number in order to get examination alerts.

Majority of the students taking the NECO examination do not own a mobile phone, obtaining a phone number may appear impossible.

Possessing a sim card, on the other hand, does not necessitate having a phone.

All you have to do is go to a nearest sim card registration center.

Choose which telecommunication network you want to purchase. If you don’t have a phone, put it in your parents’ phone to finish the registration.

Can’t I use my parents phone number?.

You can make use of it in as much you can be notified through it.

Your present passport: you’ll need a clean photo of yourself, including your face, to prove your identity.

D.O.B. : you’ll be prompted to enter in your date of birth.

L.G.A and state of origin: incase you don’t know the state and local government where you were born, ask your parents or guardian.

Nationality: The country through which you originated from is required for submission. Do you want to know what mine is?

Let’s leave that for another day and concentrate on the 2022 NECO registration form process

Other requirements for 2022 neco registration

The list of subjects you offer: this should not be difficult to provide.

Most students, on the other hand, mix up their subjects, for example:

A student in the commercial department willing to register for Government. We all know that the art department is in charge of government.

Commercial students can also apply, but they should seek advice from their school’s principal beforehand.

Only enroll for the numbers of subject you were taught in school.

Registering subjects solely to fill in the blanks might result in obtaining a worst result.

Your home address: be sure of the address of where you reside and make it as descriptive as possible.

I’m sure you’re wondering if NECO will come to your house to pay you a visit. Do you not want them to come to see you?.

Oh you don’t want them to see your parents because you’re afraid they’ll report you to them.

Hmmmn, don’t be worried; they have nothing to do with your address unless you’ve been caught infringing the council’s guidelines.

The 2022 NECO registration money: like the yoruba people use to say owo ni koko meaning money is vital.

They are correct; you will be unable to begin the process without your 2022 NECO registration money.

All fingers are not created equal, so if you’re still struggling to get yours, I pray God provides it for you.

Finally, your name in full. This should be first but I place it as last because it won’t cost you time to get except you fell from heaven.

Cross check your name very well before submission to avoid paying money for correction later.

NECO Registration Procedure [Internal & External]

Since this post is about the 2022 NECO registration form for both internal and external I will be splitting it.

Prior to that, the very first stage in acquiring the 2022 NECO form is to make a payment for it.

Recommended: Things you can pay for on NECO Payment Portal.

How can you do it? NECO payments can be made using three different methods.

  • Banks
  • NECO Payment Portal
  • NECO office

Payment through the official NECO Portal is the wisest option to me. This is a pretty quick signup process.

It is recommended that you use the online payment platform to avoid paying transportation fees (if your current location is distant from the NECO state office).

Ensure to cross check all details filled while making payments.

The NECO office is also a legitimate option for making this payment. One of the benefits you obtain is the following:

You will be saved from the risk of making mistakes, as it will be cross checked by the person attending to you.

NECO payment online Procedure

You will become tired of reading this text if I explain the entire method involved in the 2022 neco registration online payment here.

However, I’ve created a new article with the complete instructions on making the payment successfully.

Read: How to pay for NECO registration form online.

The guide, on the other hand, covers both external (private) and internal (school) applicant in terms of payment.

NECO online registration process for school candidate [internal]

If you successfully followed the payment process guide page to the fullest, am sure you should have an account on the NECO platform now.

To avoid unnecessary stories the registration process is easy and straight forward.

All you need to do is login to the portal for 2022 NECO registration through the link below.

On the navigation bar located at the left side you will see Register Candidates with the users font awesome icon.

Click it to begin the sign up process. Don’t forget about the thumbprinting / biometrics it is very important.

Have you logged in and you ain’t seeing this on the navigation bar?.

It indicates that you have not paid for the quantity of candidates you wish to register.

NECO Online Registration guide For private Candidate [external]

To those who didn’t skip the above procedure (internal registration process), the steps are the same.

The only difference is the link to both registration portals.

The external registration portal’s URL is as follows.

Important instructions to all NECO candidates

  • Bear it in mind that all payments made during the 2022 NECO registration process cannot be return.
  • Allow no one else to do your thumbprinting.
  • Blind candidates are to notify the NECO state officer of their exam venue about their status.
  • Try as much as possible to register earlier.
  • If you’re registering for NECO SSCE internal visit nearby school to register.
  • Private candidate (external) are to use authorized cafes only for registration.
  • The passport or image taken during your registration will be displayed on your certificate so dress properly before taking the picture.
  • Avoid going to the examination hall with any ICT gadgets.
  • Usage of harmful drugs such as tobacco, India hemp, alcohol, etc should be avoided by candidates.
  • Ensure you get to your examination hall latest an hour to the exam. No candidate will be given the permission to enter the examination hall once the exam commence.
  • Strive hard to cover up the syllabus of each subject before the exam date.
  • Get all your writing materials fully ready as you won’t be given the chance to borrow during the examination.
  • Avoid unnecessary discussion before and during the exam.
  • Keep your examination permit / identification means properly.
  • Retain possession of your neco result checker or token. Misplacing it will lead to purchase of new one to view your result.
  • Finally, shun corruption don’t take part in examination malpractice. The penalty will be harshly served if you’re caught.

NECO support / helpline for registration related issue

If you encounter any problems during registration, enter your email address in the subscription box to receive a list of NECO support and helplines.

Commonly asked questions About NECO

I’ve prepared a sequence of issues that I believe you’d be willing to ask.

If you have a question that I didn’t answer, simply pass it in the comments section.

Can I register for jamb and neco together?

First, the answer to this question is dependent on your choice.

Most people will advise you to register for both at the same time, but I will not.

They may have a valid reason for requesting you to do so, but here’s my take on it.

The unified tertiary and matriculation examination (UTME) govern by the joint admission and matriculation board is more than just an exam.

It takes a lot of time to prepare for it. Honestly, registering for two exams at the same time is not a good idea.

There’s a decent possibility you won’t have enough time to prepare for the other, which could result in bad performance.

Not only that, but as you can see, it has led to financial waste.

I’m not going to stop there; allow me to pose a question to you. What if both of your exams are scheduled on the same day?

We are bot aware of how important the two exam is. You can’t gain admission without performing well in all.

This is not to frighten you about taking the two exams together. It is not a crime to attempt to sit for the exam.

I can only advise, guide, and wish you well because you already know what you’re capable of. It’s all up to you now.

More related questions

How do I figure out where my NECO exam will be held?

For those who did not register with a school, determining the exam location can be challenging.

That is, if you believe it to be true. The venue or location of your exam hall is already listed on your exam permit.

If you enroll for 2022 NECO registration form in a school, your exam will very certainly be held there.

Which of the two examinations, WAEC or NECO, is the best?

Both exams, in my opinion, serve the same objective.

The difference between the two should not be your primary focus, but rather the reason for your participation.

Both NECO (SSCE) and WAEC (WASSCE) are the best. Take your result as your top priority.

It’s time to put everything we’ve said about 2022 NECO registration to rest.

Despite everything we have explained above, if you still find it difficult to enroll for the 2022 NECO registration form kindly download the official PDF guide released by the National Examination Council itself below.

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