WAEC Registration 2021 Form – [Guide, Price & Date]

June 14, 2021 by Olamilekan

The west africa examination council has been the board conducting one of the most compulsory examination to obtain an ordinary level (O’level) certificate. This post will go over the 2021 Waec registration guide.

What is WAEC

WAEC stands for West Africa Examination Council. It is an exam carry out to evaluate what student have learnt during their secondary school days.

This exam allows the board to determine if the candidate is fit for the next level of education (higher institution).

Types Of WAEC And Their Difference

WAEC is well-known for holding exams for a variety of applicants, hence this has led to confusion for some students.

Whenever they hear that the WAEC registration form is available, they will be unsure whether or not to submit. The forms that we have are mentioned below.

  • Junior WAEC
  • WAEC for private candidate (PC)
  • School Candidate WAEC (SC)

Junior WAEC: As the name implies junior Waec, it is meant for the junior one’s (i.e those in junior secondary school).

This article is not for you if you fall into this category.

WAEC For PC & SC: both WAEC for School Candidates and WAEC for Private Candidates are meant for students in senior secondary school.

However, the dates and times of both exams are different. In most case, the school candidate comes before the private candidate.

WAEC for Private Candidate is mostly called GCE (General certificate examination). It is Mostly conducted around August, September or October.

When Will WAEC Registration For 2021/2022 Start

Unlike previous years, when WAEC registration for school candidates took place in April/May, this year’s registration will be very different.

According to the board, registration for the 2021 Waec will begin on August 16th and end on September 30th.

Make sure you get yourself prepare ahead of the date.

How Much Is WAEC Registration 2021

Every candidate intending to enroll for the 2021 WAEC registration form is required to pay a sum of thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty naira (13,950).

The price mentioned above is the sum fixed by the board’s governing body. The actual cost of enrollment is not determined by this. Some WAEC centers charge even more.

To be honest, fourteen thousand naira isn’t going to be enough for you to register for 2021 WAEC. Other petty money will be spent, such as transportation, cafe charges, and so on.

How Much Should I Budget For 2021 WAEC Registration

I’m not sure, but the best advice I can offer is to make sure you have at least the amount requested by the board, then go to a nearby school (government-approved for the exam) or any designated WAEC vendor.

When you arrive there, you will be given an estimate of the total cost.

Prerequisite for 2021/2022 WAEC form

The first piece of information that must be provided is your entire name. It should be written in the following order: FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME.

A functioning email address: create a Gmail account now. An email address will be requested from you not in every situation though.

If you are not asked, your school will use theirs. However, having a gmail account is beneficial because you can use it for a variety of purposes in the future, like creating a jamb profile.

Mobile number: get a phone number of any network provider. Use your parent’s phone if you don’t have one.

State of origin: you will be asked the state you hail from.

Local government: the local government of your state will be asked from you incase you don’t know it contact your parent on that.

Nationality: Your nationality should be determined by the country from which you come.

Your home address (where you live presently).

The subject you offered during your secondary school is compulsory.

How To Enroll For 2021 WAEC Form

If you are a candidate reading this article, I recommend that you go to a school and register. You can’t do WAEC registration 2021 on your own.

The criteria for you to apply for the 2021 Waec, on the other hand, will be detailed below.

  • All schools (approved for the exam) intending to register their candidate are to visit the nearest WAEC office to obtain a payment form.
  • After that, they should go to their state ministry of education to get approval for the number of candidates they want to register.
  • They must receive the approval of their state’s Waec branch controllers or zonal coordinators.
  • Schools must pay 13,950 naira (thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty naira) per number of candidates they wish to register at any of the West Africa Examination Council’s approved banks.
  • This payment should be made through the NIBSS EBILLSPAY of the approved banks.
  • The Examination Centre number of the school is to be used as the UNIQUE ID at the bank.
  • A printout will be issued back by the bank to the school. This is meant to be taken back to the Waec offices for collection of registration PIN.
  • Once this pin has been obtained you can now proceed with online registration.

2021 WAEC Form Online Registration

Note: before you can proceed with Waec registration for 2021/2022 you need to have the registration PIN available. You must be fully authorized by the exam body for registration.

  • Launch your web browser (I prefer chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Use the below url to login into the Waec registration portal.
  • https://registration.waecdirect.org/Home/Login
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • All instructions to complete the registration will be shown to you on the page.

Important advice to all 2021/2022 WASSCE candidate

All candidates must ensure that their registration is completed before the Waec registration 2021 deadline.

Don’t allow your biometrics / thumbprinting to be done by someone else: if you give someone else the chance to assist you with your biometrics / thumbprinting then you will be unable to thumbprint during the examination.

Use your valid and current passport for the Waec registration 2021. The background should be white, and if possible, snap it at the school you enrolled and wear their uniform.

When your Waec identification card arrives, make sure to keep it safe and write down any important information on it.

Register only for the number of subjects you offer: Students may register for either eight (8) or nine (9) subjects during the Waec registration 2021. To get a good grade, don’t register for more subjects than you can offer.

Finally, thoroughly prepare for the exam by attending tutorials (extra lesson). Keep yourself occupied with your books instead of watching pointless movies.

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